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Posted by on June 2, 2017

Elevate Security


Elevate Security delivers interactive, adaptive security training based on behavioural science. Based in San Francisco, the company was co-founded by Masha Sedova, a former security executive at Salesforce.com who’s been featured in several roundups of the top women in cybersecurity.


Specialisms: Technology

Start Date: April 2017


The Work: 

I worked with Masha and Elevate Security to create a number of ‘attack cards’ which were used in cybersecurity training sessions. The short-form cards (3-400 words) featured fictitious takes on real cyber attacks and used playful names like the country of North Dystopia and, my personal favourite, vegetable saleswoman Kaley Carrot. Each card featured a scenario that workshop participants were asked to read and analyse to determine the methods of attack that were used and the bugs in human hardware that were exploited to gain access to confidential information.



“Working with Dane was a pleasure. He was able to grasp my project needs quickly and the work he produced was articulate and witty. He was able to balance the serious topic of security breaches with a levity that made them enjoyable to read through to the end. Throughout, he was receptive and responsive to my feedback which produced a series of short security stories that I am very happy with.” – Masha Sedova, Elevate Security


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