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Posted by on June 2, 2017

The Talent Bank


The Talent Bank is a free to use platform for creative people to share their work along with videos about their inspiration and the creative process behind it. It’s used by artists, musicians, photographers, poets and film-makers and is designed to highlight top talent while soliciting feedback from a creative community. It’s owned and operated by Richard Hammond (no, not THAT one), who I worked with to help to develop the website’s content.


Specialisms: Publishing // Misc

Strong Date: April 2017


The Work: 

I worked with Richard to develop blog posts for The Talent Bank which were based on specific niches of creativity. For example, I created articles on the history of photography, on how to emulate indie guitar heroes and on the best songs for new guitar players to learn. This latter article was a lot of fun to write because I’m a guitarist myself, so I was able to simply dig back through my archives and to base the list on that. I was also able to highlight songs that are better performed on acoustic guitars, electric guitars and even bass guitars to make sure that the content was relevant to as many different guitarists as possible.



“Dane has provided several pieces of content for us and they are all of an extremely high standard with good research and attention to detail. We will definitely be working together in the future.” – Richard Hammond, The Talent Bank


Click here to find out more about The Talent Bank.

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