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Posted by on November 23, 2017

Cydney O'Sullivan


Cydney O’Sullivan, co-founder of the Experts Success Network and Motivational Speakers, is an entertaining speaker who helps others thrive in their fields by clearing their bottlenecks to marketing and promotional success.

For most of her career, Cydney has been a business ‘turn around’ expert. In her years as a business, real estate, and stock market investor she has earned millions. Along with her meteoric success, she also made some costly mistakes and these experiences motivated her to become a caring educator to others.

Through her training programs and Motivations Magazine, Cydney has helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams of success and stability. She teaches and consults on business and marketing specifically for speakers and trainers and is motivated to help people grow their businesses on a results-measured basis. As a speaker, coach, and mentor, Cydney’s sense of fun and her ability to simplify complex issues ensure that her events are always entertaining and informative.


Specialisms: Publishing/Marketing

Start Date: Sep 2017


The Work: 

Cydney is all about helping other experts to reach their full potential, no matter what their niche is. But at the same time, she’s only one woman, so I help to support her efforts by writing email sequences, book descriptions and other marketing materials to help her to promote the books that she’s releasing. They cover a diverse set of subjects from personal improvement to business management and investing in stocks. The thing that they have in common is that they’re all by Australia’s top thought-leaders, so they’re all at the top of their game. 



Dane Cobain has been writing copy for our publishing company and marketing campaigns for a while now and has become a valuable member of our team. We posted an ad for an Excellent Copywriter and he has not disappointed. Dane helps us with marketing campaigns, book launches, and excellent emails that have resulted in long-term engagement with our mailing list. I highly recommend him as a professional who has proven to be reliable, intelligent, knowledgeable and talented.– Cydney O’Sullivan, 16 Times Bestselling Author


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